Monday, 14 January 2013



sign leo


Your sign is a grand Lion sign & the planetary combinations will give you a regal position & a grand demeanor this year. You will be in control throughout. Your aggression and a somewhat superior air would be accepted by people around you.
The year will begin with an aggressive streak along with very high activity at work. You will be in touch with people in authority and also remain in the midst of very important events & projects. Hard work& professional pressures will be high. A method to this madness would emerge after the 30th January. Between February & end May 2013, career will rise & so will your position. The gains due to all these important contact and an enhanced position will commence from June 2013 & there will be exceptional increase in your income & financial position till the end of the year.
Concurrently you will be able to expand the sphere of your influence tremendously. A combination of Saturn & Rahu will bring in exceptional dynamism and ability to increase your stature. You will be focused, harsh at times & very businesslike to take your self to a new peak this year.
In this high activity phase relationships & marriage might take a backseat. While you will have great socializing opportunities after June 2013 & make some very high profile friends this year, bonding in relationships could take a backseat. Partner / spouse will be lonely & could seek consoling elsewhere. You need to be very careful & ensure in the high activity as well as din of the grand progress that you make, your cherished relationships get the importance that they deserve.
A higher level of interest in religion & spirituality will emerge after mid January this year. Spiritual pursuits like meditation, yoga & chanting will be very successful for you.
You need to be careful about sports related injuries. Extra caution required during April & May.
New love & a very exciting relationship could come during February & March. In case you are unmarried or unattached you could get into a serious relationship which could lead to commitment during June 2013.
This is an exceptional year for you. You should make the most of it. The period June to December offers unprecedented gains & growth. Best wishes & have a wonderful 2013.
The events will connect in a natural way for your eyes, this year. The planetary aspects which reign in your sector facilitate the relational wheels of your life, as well as fruitfulness of ideas essential to the good walk of your projects. Only Saturn throws a shade of deep realism which can give you moments melancholic persons of regrets d' a last unconcern. But beyond this phenomenon, you will have many occasions to delight you by the positive effects of your reinforced realism: it helps you to ensure your backs with effectiveness. The impulses of Pluto will develop your imagination and your creativity of an innovative dash, that will play in all the fields of your life, in particular sentimental. Follow your inspirations; they positively approach the desires of your entourage.
The astral influences of this year will push you to develop your sociability and your direction of the exchanges. Indeed the aspects of Pluto, and Mars to your Sun highlight divergences between your points of view and those of certain people

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