Monday, 14 January 2013



sign gemini


2013 would be a thinking and planning oriented year for you.
You might be low on ideas and activity till end May but a new cycle of growth and understanding could come after June commences.
A new learning phase could commence. Some issue relating to children possible this year.
Health of self & children should be handled cautiously between February & June 2013.Also you should guard against negative & depressive thinking.
In between these challenges some new brilliant ideas would come about too. You should be careful about your relationship with siblings this year.
The astral configurations of this year 2013 will enable you to crown your launched efforts last year, in the relational field. This will have effects in many circumstances. Indeed, the impulses of Uranus in aspect to your sector, escorted Mars and Sun will notably facilitate your exchanges and their clearness. New choices become possible and those are turned spontaneously in the direction of evolutions which bring you closer to your objectives. And in spite of the agitation which at certain times will be intense, your personal road is seen facilitated by your entourage and its influence. Mercury comes to flux your practical steps, you will have more space to live with a big L !
Certain professional concern arrives in the long term, this year. Indeed, here that solution arrives thanks to outside assistances, proposals, etc…. You begin the year with a beautiful note of jupiterian optimism, which brings a promising relational chance to you. You will collect the fruits in November of them, for the hour, this is the moment to launch useful preparations. Your colleagues leave you more freedom of action that these three last years, peace settles and leaves you more freedom to devote itself to individual work. That with the excess can lead you to too cutting you others and their opinions and supports, which will be able to pass for the ingratitude. It is up to you to keep a minimum of opening and especially of flexibility… You do not be the only one with being in truth !
The stability of your emotional ties will be the one of your absolute priorities, this year. Indeed, the aspects of Saturn with Neptune beats full sound and wake up in your fears which will cause defense reactions in a constructive direction in your attitude with the Other. The effects Uranus in aspect to your Sun will support your efforts in the direction of a denser expression in love. Moreover, the changes you set up start to bear their fruits. The general climate is tender at the beginning of year. Your loves tint increased tenderness, you will have more resources to reinforce your agreement, the harmony settles, without you losing the intensity in love which holds you with heart. Will be able to reason your requirements if you are alone, the meetings claim efforts in this direction, it is necessary to round the angles, not to appear harder

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