Monday, 14 January 2013



sign aquarius


This year will be useful in planning & charting out your future as you plan your next jump professionally as well as fulfill certain personal goals now. A significant turn around would come after June 2013.
You will see an increase in creative powers, higher luck & better prospects at work.
2013 will see a lot of travel too like the last year. However this time the travel will yield much better results than in the past.
During your travels this year you are likely to get in touch with people who are well connected politically or would yield political power themselves. This is likely to bring much progress at work and there would be growth professionally. A tendency to be short tempered & rude with colleagues and people around you, might develop as the year progresses. You will need to be cautious & not let that happen this year as some major backfires would occur in 2014, where you might require the same people whom you shun during 2013.
If applicable, good chances of birth or conception of a child, possible after June 2013. It is a creatively inclined year. There would be chances of learning new methods of work and opening up new communication channels this year.
Overall 2013 will bring in many new opportunities. If you are discerning and focused much progress will become possible this year for you.
The peace of last year leaves place to a climate definitely more active, encouraging for the future, because richer in possibilities. You urged on here by Jupiter, in square with your sign, throughout the year 2012. That will start situations which require your share an immediate reactivity. Your impulsiveness goes up out of arrow and occasion of the needs hidden with deepest reveals consequently you for you, who go back to surface. You pass to high speed in your relations with the others, in all the fields. More demanding, more direct, you will have facilities to slice too fuzzy situations.


Your professional life will evolve this year through changes which will imply you personally. One gives you new directives, or this is you who will understand into what you must change strategy, if you have a free-lance work. That will not go without hesitations and doubts, especially during spring 2012. You despite everything are supported by a faith in you which will enable you to make efforts of adaptations. The Saturn impulses push you to consider your professional life with the long run very. The contrary is also possible. But if you flee this tendency natural to see far, you will not draw from satisfactions; advancing is what you have of to better do. The seeds which you sow this year will bring you of the facilities for next February.
Your loves veil passion, this year. The square of Mars and Venus to your sector, thus in Neptune comes to cause in you a need of excessively in normal weather, you control much better your tendency to reason, to leave more place to your spontaneous impulses. That comes owing to the fact that you are releasing you on the emotional level, you fear less to release you, to some extent. It would be positive to go at the end of your handing-over in questions on this subject, in order to prove to you that this is your naturalness and nothing else which can cause at the others of the true feelings in your connection. Your need to be liked relies only on
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